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            Min Website

            Tel: 0757-23632969

            Fax: 0757-86919925

            mail: npn999@163.com

            COPYRIGHT ?  Foshan nine point nine home furnishing materials Co., Ltd.   粵ICP備12032916號-1  www.300.cn


            Company news

            Company news

            Invitation|2019INDEX FOR INDIA
            Release time:
            As Pragati Maidan International Furniture Exhibition is approaching,we would like to invite you to visit our booth,attached below information.Please be kind to inform your time that we could make an a
            Different materials and furniture distinction maintenance secret recipe
            Many families have both fabric furniture, solid wood furniture and leather furniture, and many people do not know that the maintenance of the three is different. In fact, different materials of furniture, there are different maintenance methods, must be treated differently, today Xiaobian will explain to everyone the difference and how to maintain.
            What are the materials of the log furniture? What are the advantages of the log house?
            Good furniture not only extends the life but also reflects the taste and hobbies of the user. However, the furniture on the market now has a wide variety of materials, and there are many brands.
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