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        Min Website

        Tel: 0757-23632969

        Fax: 0757-86919925

        mail: npn999@163.com

        COPYRIGHT ?  Foshan nine point nine home furnishing materials Co., Ltd.   粵ICP備12032916號-1  www.300.cn




        R &D & DESIGN

        The 1% left needs patient and support from our customers. With your support, our nine point nine will be better, faster service for you!


        Foshan Nine Point Nine

        Household Materials Co.,Ltd 

        Our goal is to provide service worldwide with products made in China. Nine point nine material, comes from the heart, R & D, all product design, production, sales and service are all contain detailed and clinging to our nine point nine people, we ensure the quality of material can do ninety-nine per cent; Frankly speaking, we could provide service with 99% satisfaction. 

        Foshan Nine Point Nine Household Materials Co.,Ltd is the first upholstery furniture seat feeling service, new material supporting service center. Nine point nine with the country's most advanced production equipment and new product manufacturing process, from inside to outside, from point to surface, providing standard process quality difference for upholstery furniture, with reasonable price, high efficiency, high quality promotion to improve the market competitive advantage and strong selling point.


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